Beef Stew



Beef Stew

Make pot roast as usual but with the 'soup' option.

When the meat and vegies are done simmering, remove them
temporarily and add 1 package of long grain wild rice to the
sauce and simmer for 1/2 hour. Make this a good simmer,
maybe a boil even. The time should be modified if the rice
manufacturer suggest a different cooking time.

Add a 1 lb can of lentile soup and a 1 lb can of barley soup
to the mix. Add seasoning as desired at this point. Simmer
this mixture some more while you work on the meat.

Cut the meat into bite sized chunks, but don't get them too
small. The meat tends to disolve anyway and you want people
to have something to search for in the stew. Be sure to cut
across the grain of the meat wherever possible to reduce the
stringiness of the mixture.

Remix the meat and vegies into the simmering sauce and let
it simmer for about 15 minutes or until nice and hot, then


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