Meat Loaf



Meat Loaf

Mix up two eggs and a splash of milk in a medium sized
mixing bowl. Add 3 big squirts of ketchup, a cap full of
dehydrated onion, 2 tbsp. of Worcestershire sauce, and a
large cap full of parsley flakes. Also add garlic, salt and
plenty of pepper. Add in a half cup of finely diced onion...
I prefer to saute the onion first, but raw works if your system
tolerates it.

Mix this concoction to an even consistency and then add
about 2 lb's. of ground round and 1 cup of bread crumbs.
These can be either dried or fresh, but if dried, more milk
will be required (below). Alternatively, about 10 or 15 ground
up Ritz crackers can be used.
The goal is to get a 'fluffy'
mixture, whatever that means. Put it this way, it must not be
gooey, and it ought to mix smoothly, but typically I've erred
in making it too dry. If it needs moisture, add a bit of milk.
If it needs thickening, add more bread crumbs.

Once satisfied with the consistency, knead the mixture into
blobs. The idea is to get rid of the air and to sort of
seal the outside of the loaf. Do this in sections, putting
each into a meat loaf shaped cooking bowl as it's ready,
then at the end, knead all of them together in the cooking
bowl. Use your fingers to make a channel or moat around the
meat loaf, separating it from the sides of the bowl.

Lightly cover with foil but don't seal the top, then cook at
375o for 45 minutes, take off the aluminum and cook for
another 15 minutes. During this process, check every 15
minutes or so, and if necessary drain off the moisture
accumulating in the moat.


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