Salmon Loaf



Salmon Loaf

Oil a meat loaf sized pan with cooking oil (1/8 cup of oil,
then wipe it around and out with a paper towel).

Assuming you have about 2 lb's. of salmon, mix up 2 whole
eggs, 1/2 cup of milk, 1 Tbsp. Whorstershire(sp) sause, 1
tbdp. parsley, 12-15 ground up Ritz crackers, 1 tbsp. minced
onion, 1/2 tpsp. garlic salt, salt and pepper.

Mix this slop with the left over salmon. If you have any
left over tartar sause add it in, but don't let the mixture
get runny. If you need more moisture, add mayo until you
get a smooth, non-grainy texture. Sprinkle paprika over the
top to improve the color.

Put this mixture in the oven at 350o for about 45 minutes.
Remember that the meat is already cooked, all you need to do
is get it real hot.


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