Tiger Shrimp



Tiger Shrimp

All of this without a cover.

Use 1 lb for 2 servings.

First clean the shrimp. Slit down the back and belly and clean; clear vein on both sides needs to come out. This is actually optional, but a nice touch. Remove the tails.

Make a load of rice, per mfg instructions.

Use lemon to clean up fish smell, and add a pinch of lemon juice to the shrimp.

Need garlic, curry, parsley, salt and pepper seasoning plus a dash of crushed red pepper.

Make 2 cups of rice.

Use a couple of tbsp of oil in fry pan. Heat to medium high. Dump shrimp in hot pan and stir vigorously until pink. This is a marked and obvious change in color of the meat.

Add salt, pepper, parsley and garlic while cooking, plus a little hot pepper.

Add a tsp of curry powder and a handful of flower and stir.

Add 1 to 1.5 cups of milk, depending on amount of flower that's been added. Heat at medium high until the mixture starts to bubble. You can add flour/milk mixture prepared separately if necessary.

Note that shrimp gets tough if overcooked.

This is good with a salad. Serve the mess over rice.


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