Tuna Cassarole



Tuna Casserole

Use 12 oz of noodles (standard size bag).

Cook noodles as above, except boil for only 5 minutes.
They'll finish cooking in the casarole.

Put a couple of cubes of butter into a 1 1/2 inch deep x 9
inch x 14 inch glass cake pan. Heat until butter melts,
then spread it around the pan using a brush or paper towel.

When dry, drop noodles into colander, then back into the pot..

Add 2 cans of Campbell's cream of mushroom soop to the
noodles and mix well.

Add 2 and 1/2 cups of milk to the mixture.

Add .5 tsp salt and 1 tsp pepper.

Crumble up 3 cans of Tuna, drained of water or oil (either
kind is OK), and add them to the mixture.

Mix well.

Poor the whole thing into a glass oven pan (9" x 15" works).

Pat the mixture down level.

Cover with about 8 oz of crumbled up regular potato chips.
Crumble the crackers between two sheets of wax paper, using
a rolling pin.

Sprinkle on a little paprika for color and taste and cook
uncovered for about 50 minutes at 325o.

Serves 8.

Good meal for frozen peas.


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