Samdahl Family Photos




January 13, 2011.

Just before Christmas I uncovered an envelope of negatives in an old stash of photo stuff that I've had burried in a cupboard for years. I was pleased to see that the negatives are old Samdahl family photos that I probably acquired after dad died.

I would like to share them with those of you who are interested, and especially Don, who seems to have become the keeper of the family history now that Russell had passed away.

The following pages contain relatively low resolution prints of these negatives. I scanned them originally at 4800 dots per inch (dpi). The resulting files are typically 600 MBytes in size... far too large for a web page or even for emailing. If you click on the displayed thumbnail images you will open a higher resolution copy. These are between 1 and 5 MBytes in size... still large, but they will open if you're a bit patient. The DSL connection to my web server is not very speedy... sorry!

I've done almost nothing to clean or repair the images. That's something that I'll work on in the near future, but I didn't want to wait on that to share them with you.

In the rare event that it made sense I've added comments of my own about the content of the photos. In fact, though, Many of the faces are a mystery to me and I'm hoping that you will recognize individuals and pass that information back to me so that I can annotate the images more thoroughly.

If you are interested in have access to the original, high resolution scans, let me know. I can either burn them on a set of DVDs and mail them, or make them available via FTP transfer from my web server.




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