Porsche (a two syllable word)



Roger started driving Porsches in 1987... a dream that was a long time coming, and that was fostered through many flavors of the poor man's Porsche, the VW. The VW history includes a 1959 Beetle that was driven between 1962 and 1966. This particular car was responsible for about 1,000 trips between Riverside and San Diego. Later VW's included two Vanagons (), a Quantum Wagon, and three Sirocco's.

But these were all prelude to the real stuff. In 1987 Roger bought a brand new Porsche 944S... lot's of horsepower and leather smell. This car was a staple in the Samdahl garage until it self-distructed in August of 2000, with over 187,000 miles. Repair was impractical, and the car was put down while Roger looked for a replacement, this time concentrating on a search for one of the last of the air cooled Porsches, the model 993


In February of 2001, a beautiful 1997 model 993 with only 15K miles on it was purchased from a private party in San Jose. After 18 months and another 20K miles, Roger still has a silly grin on his face.
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