In addition to the Hobie Cat, there are a couple of other cats that have become and important part of the family. The oldest is CC, or Chaboya Cat, named after Bette's school. Acquired as a mouser for the school, Bette quickly realized that he was a homebody, ill suited to the rough and tumble of middle school academe. So now he lives with Roger and is a constant companion... very shy, but nice to have around.

Bette's Tori, on the other hand is a mean young lady. This is probably a result of early training by Robert, who is a bit sadistic toward felines. She's very quiet and hides much of the time when strangers are about. But if she appears, watch out! She'll purr quite contentedly while opening an artery.

Then there's LA., a neighbor cat that spends a lot of time with Roger and CC. Very frisky and inquisitive.
Also a bit shy....
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