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I always try to spent the Memorial Day weekend in Kings Canyon. This is 'opening day' for the National Park Service in the Sierras, and always crowded, even on the occasional years when there's a lot of snow on the ground.

This is a great Park, if you're looking for photogenic areas.


King's Canyon, and Sequoia just to the South, are known for their Giant Sequoia trees, steep cliffs, and magnificent scenery. This photo was taken near Road's End, the jump off point to the Southern part of the John Muir trail.

Horseshoe Bend. A CCC project from early in the last century. This is the road down into the King's Canyon itself.
Enlargement of the photo above, in case you couldn't see the road itself.
There are a tremendous number of hiking trails in and around King's Canyon. This is one near the South Fork of the King's River, around Zumwalt Meadows.
Here's one shot of Zumwalt Meadows.
Here's another.


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