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Every September for the last 40+ years (with only 1 lapse that I'm aware of) the best of the air racing fraternity has gathered in Reno, Nevada for the National Air Races. They are joined each year by a large number of professional aerobatic teams, individual stunt pilots, and a variety of military hardware. Some of the military stuff is just for exhibit, but much of it is flown as part of the show.

The one lapse in the history of the event was right after 9/11 when FAA mandates grounded all the aircraft. The next year, though, the crowds returned with a vengeance. In fact, the show was off pace a bit that year, probably because of the financial hit it took in 2001, but no one in attendance seemed to care. Since then it's gotten back on track and is as exciting as ever.

If you're interest, try this.

Early Saturday. The crowds were just beginning to materialize. Estimate is 150K plus, perhaps twice what had been expected. Last year's race was canceled because of 911... the community responded with overwhelming support this year.

The main feature of the event is, of course, the air racing. There are 6 or 7 classes of planes that race at least once a day during the 4 days of the show.

Here we have a modified Mustang and a Sea Fury clocking along at 400 MPH or so.

Another Hawker Sea Fury at speed.

Another major feature of the show is the aerobatics. There are usually a half dozen or so professional pilots providing the entertainment.

The lady flying this plane is a captain for Northwest. I included it simply because it's one of the few good shots I got of planes in the air.




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