Reno Air Races
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This is Dago Red, ultimately the winner of the Unlimited class by half a lap. It's been the dominant airframe since the era of the Rare Bear.

The reason you can't see much is that this pit was constantly packed.

This is Rare Bear, a highly modified Bearcat. Through the first half of the 1990's, this plane devastated any and all comers.

It was at the show on exhibition, but did not compete.

This is Ole Yeller, Robert Hoover's original racer, in which he won at least one National trophy.

A long time ago...

The jets are coming! No one in the air show community wants to talk about it, but Roles Royce and Allison engines are disappearing, and there are no other power plants in the offing, except these.

They're coming, and they'll probably be just as exciting as the high powered prop planes.

The future of air racing... in the sailing world we call them class boats... built to a strict formula with little room for experimentation... But REALLY fast!

Another part of the show consists of flying demonstrations, both by individuals and the military.

This is a handmade recreation of Howard Hughes racer. There are no known design drawings, so this one was built using photos taken at the Smithsonian of the only known existing model. It looks good, and it flies!

This is a new exhibition team. In prior years, the Stolie Migs stole the show... bright red with the characteristic red star. Now it's the US counterpart... the F104, a barely airworthy flight package unless you have a head wind. But they are pretty.


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