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These web pages, the software that supports them and the server they run on, are part of a learning exercises. As such, you can expect them to be fairly geeky and a bit untidy, but we'll do our best to keep it under control.

The pages are intended for the amusement of close friends and family members, as well as the few misguided others who stumble here.

Work began on this site in April of 2002. It should be considered as a convenient repository of Samdahl information. It can serve as a vanity press or as a communication vehicle to keep family members together. If you're interested in contributing, contact us here.

What's new:


Birgit moved into the house at 4130 Beebe Circle at the end of last year and we're now actively planning a further move out to The Villages. To that end we're painting the exterior and interior of the house and putting in a drought tolerant front yard.

We hoped to get it all together earlier, but I suspect now that we will not relocate before Spring 2016

Bob and his wife, Amanda, have adopted 2 boys; very delightful brothers named Christopher (4) and Jacob (3). Some photos have been added in the appropriate sections.


I've added some pages from a reunion with High School friends that happened at the end of October. I also added some very old photos from a hiking trip I took in 1961 because it came up during the reunion. You can find all of it at the link to the left "Palm Desert".

Roger has finally admitted to himself that he is retired... and is enjoying it. His girlfriend, Birgit, keeps him just as busy as ever though. He worked for WhereNet for 15 months before leaving in April 2008 as WhereNet was being acquired by Zebra Enterprises.


Roger left Malibu Networks in 2003 when the Company succumbed to funding problems. After a year of being a bum and taking some time to travel a bit, he went back to consulting for a couple of local engineering firms. The most significant was WhereNet Corporation where he spent a total of about 18 month spread out over 3 years. WhereNet builds a line of high-end RFID tags and triangulation systems to track them and Roger worked on several different projects that they needed additional manpower to complete. If you know of opportunities that might be of interest to Roger, check out his resume or send email to

Robert left the Evergreen School District in 2004 and started teaching Physical Education in the Gilroy Unified School District. He covers 4 different schools and enjoys the working environment. He continues to augment his income as a physical education teacher with a variety of after-school programs. If you know of other opportunities that might be of interest to him, get in touch at

Bette and Roger have finally filed for divorce after being separated for over 13 years. As usual though, we remain friends. Bette retired this year from the Evergreen School District after 40+ years of service.


The Model Train Project page has been updated with some photographs.


You can see what each of the local family members have been up to here, but I'll use some space for a few general family comments.

My uncle, Lawrence Samdahl, died early last year and his wife Jane a short time later. Some of you have seen Jane's paintings in my home; she was an excellent artist. Lawrence was almost the baby in the family, second only to Gordon who died many years ago from complications of diabetes. It's no secret that aside from my own folks, Lawrence was my favorite and I miss him tremendously. We shared a love of the mountains and camping that is becoming more and more rare.

They'll both be missed.


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