Reno Air Races

Oregon Coast


These are a few of my recent, and favorite, camping spots.. Check out the links for photographs.

In 2003 I finally went ahead with an equipment upgrade. It was a bit stressful, there wasn't much of anything wrong (yet) with the 1992 Tioga, but things were certainly getting a bit dated and with less than 50K miles it had a decent resale value.

The new RV is another Tioga; just a bit longer at 23 feet and with a slideout in the living area. The slide out, especially, is really neat and adds a lot of room to the cabin.

The new rig has most of the gizmos that I favor, but I still need install a solar panel or two to make dry camping a bit easier.

Here's picture of the old and new rigs:


Tioga 21C (1992)






Tioga 23E (2003)


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